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pictures of available puppies
                Please check out our
"Kc Doodles And Poodles" FACEBOOK Page
                                                         Or TEXT us at 913-530-6721
                             **Please do not email us a we do not receive emails**              

*Even though here are 4 of us that make up Kc Doodle And Poodles ALL contact is handled through the same number)
Many of our dogs are living with GUARDIAN FAMILIES so that they get the one on one love and attention that they deserve
If you're interested in being a "Guardian Home" feel free to contact us

***If you are looking for a certain
TYPE, SIZE or COLOR of "Doodle" feel free to contact us-
as we might have one coming up or possibly know where there's one available.

And if you're a "Breeder" looking for
STUD SERVICE feel free to contact us

RedStandard Goldendoodle~Chocolate&White Standard Poodle~Miniature Poodle~Bernedoodle~Bernese Mountain Dog

                                                    Feel free to contact us via TEXT for more information.


      F1b MEDIUM Goldendoodles
Sept 30 ready Nov 25
3 males 4 Females
$1600 reg $1800
photos on our FACEBOOK Page or TEXT us and we can send them to you

F1B Mini/Med Goldendoodles

1 Male 2 Females
$1600 Reg $2050

F1B ULTRA Miniature Goldendoodles
Mom mini Poodle 13#
Dad mini Goldendoodle 14#

2 Males 2 Females

F1B Mini/Medium CHOCOLATE Goldendoodles
Born Oct 23 ready Dec 18
2 Females 5 Males

Mom chocolate Poodle 40#
Dad mini goldendoodle 25#


                 **Your place in line [to choose your puppy] is determined by the order in which your DEPOSIT is RECEIVED**

We periodically have, or know of someone else who has, ADULT dogs
available for "Re-home/Adoption" or for a "Guardian Home"-
So feel free to contact us for more info
or to get on the list of people looking for an Adult dogs

The females that we place in "Guardian Homes" will be bred 2-3x then spayed.
Males put in Guardian Homes will stay in the Breeding Program 6 years
and then neutered-
After being spayed or neutered they will continue to live with
their Guardian family for the remainder of their lives.
So-please be sure that you're wanting to be their "Forever Home" too.

This is a picture of a dog that had "Puppy Strangles" as a puppy
It was caught early, he was treated and has had no further problems.
And, as you can see, the hair around his mouth, that he had lost, grew back without
any sign that there was ever an issue.


F1B MEDIUM Goldendoodles born Sept 30 ready Nov 25 (Ottawa 1 location)
F1B Mini/Medium Goldendoodles ready Nov 17 (Ottawa 2 location)
F1b ULTRA Miniature Goldendodles born Oct 10 ready Dec 9 (Ottawa 1 location)
F1b Mini/Medium CHOCOLATE Goldendoodles born Oct 23 ready Dec 18 (Shawnee Ks)
BERNEDOODLES due in January (Wellsville Ks location)