About Us
About Our Business
My passion for raising puppies started over 30 years ago.
As a young girl in 4-H -I had already discovered the benefits of the low to
non-shedding "Poodle Hybrids".

Long before there Labradoodles and Goldendoodles -I was already raising
Cockapoos and Peekapoos [as my 4-H Project] for this exact reason.

As the years went by I got away from the smaller "lap dogs" and decided to
get a large dog that I could take to the lake and romp in the snow with.

Having a Labrador Retriever was great but having dog hair all over the
place-WASN'T so great!
Then, about several ago, while working at a day spa, I met a girl who had a

From the moment i laid eyes on her Labradoodle -my passion for puppies
was reignited.
I did as much research as I possibly could- by reviewing web-sights, reading
books and talking with several people who owned a Labradoodle- as well as a
few people who even bred Labradoodles.

Unfortunately, what i mostly found out [when talking with the Labradoodle
breeders]-was that, for the most part, they were extremely uneducated and
not very knowledgable [about the breed].  
So, if i wanted to produce "Doodle" puppies-with the perfect, Low to
non-shedding, Fleece Coat-i was pretty much gonna have to learn how to do
it on my own!
Well, i'm happy to say, that even tho it took a few years to get it right-
we have definitely figured out what it takes-to get that perfect  FLEECE coat!

This is why we will NEVER AGAIN-breed first generation (F1) Labradoodles
and cant understand why anyone else would either!
When you breed-for a litter of F1 Labradoodles- VERY SELDOM will you get a
"fleece" coat.
A Labrador Retriever starts out with a "Dual" coat so it usually takes 2-3
breedings [of being bred back to a Poodle] to get a fleece coat.                        
Our goal is to produce puppies-that will BETTER the breed.  which is why we
only breed F1b Doodles.

The F1 type of coat (which is a HAIR coat) definitely sheds more than a fleece
or wool coat does-and it also"Blows" once or twice a year- just like a Labrador
Retrievers coat does.

"Golden Retreivers", on the other hand, do NOT have the slick, wiry, dual
coat- and, therefor, first generation [F1] Goldendoodles CAN end up with a
nice, soft, "fleece" coat.