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Specializing in F1b Doodles

Red~Apricot~Red w/white Markings
Miniature~ Medium~Standard Goldendoodles
Medium~Standard Bernedoodles 2019

    We treat Our Dogs- Like You'd Treat a Member of Your Family-only better!

We are not a "Backyard Breeder"- nor a large, impersonal kennel.
**We are 4 small breeders licensed with 'Kansas Dept of Agriculture**
Working together so that we can provide all 3 sizes of Gldendoodes, as well s Bernedodles

Several of the dogs live in Guardian Homes so that they too get to enjoy
living full time with their forever families.

In 2017 we took on another licensed Goldendoodle Breeder as a partner
Doing so enables us to be able to offer our customers a better selection of puppies
-while still providing that same one on one, knowledgeable, in home experience.

But we still love this picture ;)

On January 19, 2015- our Male Labradoodle, MoJo- (pictured above)
was "rehomed" to a family in Concordia Missouri
on a 1 week trial basis-(due to their free range chickens)
After contacting Cynthia  DAILY to see if things were "working out"
i finally found out (on day 6) that she had actually SOLD MoJo to someone else (on Craigslist)!

She refuses to give us ANY information on WHERE he is or WHO they SOLD him to.
So, if you know of anyone who recently bought a
3yr old, cream colored, male doodle-  PLEASE have them contact us!!

Part of the [rehoming him for FREE] deal was that he was to be NEUTERED,
-so that he didnt end up in some horrible"Puppy Mill" situation-  -
And, since that did  NOT happen-  
we just want to make SURE that he is okay.

For our peace of mind- we just need to know that he is in a
good home with a family who loves him- and NOT living his life with
some backyard breeder who has him living in a cage or dog run.