Holds, Deposits and Payments
            Our Veternarians and
             Brand of Food We Feed
Our Policies

We've never asked a buyer to "meet us in a parking lot" in order to get a puppy and you should be leery of a
breeder who does. If the "Breeder" refuses to allow you to see where they keep their puppies as well as
their Adult dogs- there's probably a reason.

We do our best to accommodate you - allowing you to visit our home in order to meet the parents of your
puppy. However, we do not allow visitors until the puppies ave had their seres of vaccinations and puppies
with deposits are safely in their homes
All the information you could possibly need- pertaining to the different types of "doodles", the different
types of coats that they have and the amount of maintenance involved with each type of coats- is right here
on our website. But if you are still confused or have any other questions- we are more than happy to help
"educate" you further- so that you get the puppy that will best suit your family and your lifestyle.

.  We do not require you to have made your deposit- but we do require the puppies be vaccinated and that the
puppies WITH deposits are safely in their homes.
*Also that you're ready for a puppy and not going from one house/kennel to another
"looking/visitingmeeting/seeing"  puppies and unintentionally putting our puppies at risk of Parvo. (This,
unfortunately, happened to us 2 years ago and is the reason for this [new] rule)

The Parvo-virus is extremely prevalent, deadly to young puppies and easily spread from one kennel to another.  So
for the safety of our dogs, the puppies looking for homes and those who already have deposits on them - we try to
avoid visitors who are merely puppy shopping, kennel hopping or just wishing to come play with the puppies. I
hope that you can understand and appreciate where we are coming from.
                 Breeding The Puppy
We do NOT sell our puppies to people for the purpose of BREEDING them.   Our puppies are sold as PETS
ONLY and at "Pet Prices"- therefore puppy must be spayed or neutered by 8 mos old in order to avoid any
"accidents". Once we receive notification from your Vet-that your puppy has been spayed or neutered we will
know that you do not plan on breeding him or her.  Otherwise, if we do not receive notification of puppy
being spayed or neutered- we will assume that you are planning on breeding your puppy- and the additional
"Breeder Price" will be owed.   
e not against other breeders we just don't want any of our puppies to end up in a horrible puppy  mill
situation- nor do we want someone who has no idea what they're doing getting one of our pups and deciding that
they are going to be breeding her "f
or the experience"- when she herself is still a puppy. Or basically breeding
him or her to any stud they can find etc.

Our dogs and puppies are treated at SPRINGHILL VET CLINIC
-located in Springhill, KS 913-592-2770

                Brand of  Food We Feed
As a  former Pet Nutrition Specialist" I understand the importance of good nutrition and this is why we feed OUR
dogs  and puppies DIAMOND PUPPY food.
When you choose a brand of food-be sure you look at the first 5 ingredients.
Surprisingly, even some of the "High End" dog foods have Whole Yellow CORN and Chicken-By-Product as the first
ingredients so you'd basically be wasting your money on a bunch of "FILLERS"!

         HOLDS, DEPOSITS, Boarding and PAYMENTS                                      
Deposits are- non-refundable but can be moved to a different puppy or litter.
You can pay your deposit thru PAYPAL but if there's any fees involved they would need to be paid by buyer.

You do not have to put your deposit down to be put on the Waiting List- however, the order [in which you get to
choose your puppy] will be based on the order in which your deposit is received.
If you choose NOT to put your deposit down, you can remain on the "Waiting list" but the people who DO put their
deposits down will get to move up on the waiting list and therefore chose their puppies BEFORE you.
If you have made your deposit but then later decide (for whatever reason) that you're not going to choose a puppy
at this time- we will allow you the courtesy of applying  your deposit to a puppy out of the next litter.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the color, size, temperment or hair "type" of your puppy- as he grows into an
adult. We can only go by what our "past puppies" look like as adults.
Puppies can go to their new homes once they have had their first series of vaccinations and are 8 weeks old.

The fee for having us board your puppy [after 9 wks of age] is $15 a day..

For the safety of OUR dogs,  the puppies in our home and future puppies-we can NOT take a puppy back once it has
left our home-  but we would be happy to try and find him a new home if you need us to.

If you put a deposit down on a puppy but are not able to take him home at 8 weeks old-please let us know
this in advance- if we are able to do so it would only be $15 per day- otherwise we can try and help you make other

It's because we do care and love -each and every one of our dogs- that we feel it is in their best interest that they
only stay in our "breeding program" a couple years.  We then retired them at the early age of 4-5 yrs old [instead
of 7-8 yrs old like most  breeders] and place them with a "forever family".
And since we know that they will be someone else's "future family member"- we do our very best to make sure
that they are "well socialized".  
Our dogs (and puppies) are raised-and use to being around- people, other dogs and animals and most
importantly- they are use to being around children.
Our dogs all sleep in the house and are never put in a dog run or kennel. Each dog has his/her own area or
sleeping preference- be it the couch, the ottoman, hall way, entry way, bathroom floor or the foot of the beds.
(which usually ends up being more like the "center" the bed!?  [sigh] And just about every one of them absolutely
LOVE going with us on Car Rides! ~  {just ask the teachers who've been on Bus Duty at my girls' school-and i'm
sure they'd be happy to tell ya! ;)

**If you or someone you know is interested in adopting one of our Adult dogs please feel free to contact us.
If you have one available he or she would be listed on the "Available Puppies" page
We do not charge anything for the actual dog..we just ask that you pay for her to be spayed.

**We make a firm commitment- to be there for you, to answer any questions or concerns that you may have,  for
many months or even years to come.
And in the event that  you are no longer able to care for your Doodle -we will do our best to  try and help you
re-home him.